The LARGO captivates listeners and players alike with its engrossing tone and versatile range.

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Powerful, dynamic sound and clarity of design lend the LARGO its unique character – unparalleled in its class.

The aesthetic beauty of the LARGO is in its elegant details – historical accents such as concealed machine heads, the shapely head of the instrument, and the hand-varnished body, for instance.

The soundboard is fashioned of premium moon spruce; this material, in combination with other carefully selected tonewoods, creates the LARGO's rousing, full-bodied tone.

With its innovative extras, convenient options for controlling the sound, and broad range of possibilities for customizing the string setup, the LARGO delivers unmatched versatility.

The LARGO is available with either an ALTO or a TENOR keyboard. The longer scale length of the TENOR keyboard allows the player to produce a greater range of notes while generating a warm, powerful tone in the lower registers.


Thierry Nouat - LARGO alto sound impression I

"Kate at the Gate" from Nigel Eaton

Thierry Nouat - LARGO alto sound impression II

"La Course à la Vie" from Thierry Nouat

Efrén López - LARGO tenor sound impression III

"Hortus deliciarum" from Efrén López