Expanding the range of notes on the bourdons and trompettes

Musicians who want to play in keys beyond what the bourdons and trompettes allow on their own can expand the range of notes with capos.

The most common use of capos is to extend C to D and G to A.

A trompette tuned to C3, for example, can be extended all the way to E3.

The capos can be precisely adjusted. Flipping the lever shortens the string, which then produces a note a whole tone higher than before.

Most hurdy gurdies can be retrofitted with this type of capo.

Adjustable Chanterelle Bridge

Easy adjustment of the pressure the chanterelles exert on the wheel

The height of the bridge can be varied by means of two adjustment screws.

This allows the player to quickly and precisely adjust the pressure that the chanterelles exert on the wheel.

If the pressure is too high, the strings won't sound cleanly and will produce unwanted background noise. If the pressure is too low, the strings will emit a thin, reedy tone, which will get lost in the overall sound.

Because the instrument's soundboard reacts to fluctuations in humidity – resulting in the chanterelle bridge rising or sinking – the ability to adjust the string pressure can be necessary for achieving an optimal tone.

Adjustable Buzzing Bridge

Finely tuned response

The adjustable buzzing bridge offers an enormous range of options for players who want to alter the bridge's response to meet their highly individual needs.

The socket where the buzzing bridge rests is flexible, allowing for easy adjustment of the pressure the strings exert against the wheel. As a result, players can create their own distinctive sound and adjust the response of the buzzing bridge or bridges as desired.

For players seeking a maximum degree of flexibility in the setup of their instrument, the adjustable buzzing bridge is indispensable.

Sympathetic Strings

Lending the instrument powerful resonance

Hurdy gurdies with sympathetic strings have a fuller sound. When the player stops turning the wheel and gives the sympathetic strings a chance to reverberate on their own, this fuller sound truly stands out.

The effect is unfortunately inaudible when the hurdy gurdy is played acoustically alongside other loud instruments.

With a magnetic pickups (4-channel pre-amp), the sympathetic strings can be used during an amplified performance.

When plucked or strummed as a chord, the sympathetic strings produce their own unique tapestry of sound.


Electric sound amplification

With volume knobs for the chanterelles, trompettes, and bourdons installed directly on the instrument, the 3-channel pre-amp gives players complete freedom in any performance situation that requires electric amplification of the instrument.

The 4-channel pre-amp also has an additional volume knob for sympathetic strings or tapping.

Schertler STAT pickups are installed directly on the bridges for the chanterelles, trompettes, bourdons, and sympathetic strings, and the Schertler pre-amp developed specially for Drehleierwerkstatt guarantees the highest quality transmission of the instrument's warm, authentic sound.

The highly feedback-resistant pickups ensure that the instrument will be audible in noisy surroundings – from small gigs to headlining stages, the 3- and 4-channel pre-amps provide maximum flexibility for electrically amplified performances.


External channel separation

The +pro makes the chanterelles, trompettes, bourdons, and sympathetic strings available as separate outputs in an external “blue box.”

Different effects can be applied to the individual channels, and the channels can be mixed separately.

The +pro is the perfect complement to the 3- or 4-channel pre-amp and expands the scope of possibilities for playing with effects and loops. Instruments can be retrofitted with the +pro at any time.

The +pro includes the “blue box,” a 3-meter instrument cable, and a 12V adapter.

  Pickups Power Output Volume
Pre-amp 1 channel1x DYN Schertler-XLR-
Pre-amp 3 channel3xSTAT-V Schertler2x 9VjackCH, TP, BD, master
Pre-amp 4 channel3xSTAT-V Schertler,
2x STAT-CS for symphatetic strings
or 1x magnetic pickup for tapping/pizzicato
2x 9VjackCH, TP, BD, CS, master
+pro-12V power supply7-Pin Neutrik
CH, TP, BD, CS, master