With its striking modern design, the ACCENTO stands out from the crowd and leaves its mark with every performance.

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The 3-channel pre-amp installed in the ACCENTO gives players incredible flexibility and versatility and creates an enormous spectrum of sound.

The extended scale length allows for a greater range of notes and emphasizes the lower frequencies.

Convenient options for controlling the sound, such as an adjustable chanterelle bridge and adjustable buzzing bridge, are complemented by volume controls for each group of strings.

Chanterelles, trompettes, and bourdons – and, optionally, tapping/pizzicato – can be adjusted to one another directly on the instrument, and the resulting sound can be picked up from a single audio output jack.

+pro is an additional option; it sends all channels to an external “blue box” discretely, delivering a separate mix of chanterelles, trompettes, bourdons, and tapping.

The ACCENTO has already proven its mettle at countless gigs under the toughest conditions; players from a diverse spectrum of genres have come to value its range and versatility.


Accento in G

Schertler YELLOW, UNICO+SIDE, Effekt Reverb
Melodiesaite g, Schnarre g, Bordun G